Hi, My name is Jez Brough.

Thanks for visiting my website. Oh dear now I have to say something about myself… erm, erm…!! All very British I’m afraid! Let’s give it a go. Well, I live in Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District. I am actually a Professional Photographer although this site is just some personal stuff. It’s never been my intention to stick photos on here as a work of art. They’re just snaps and taken with a whole host of cameras including real basic point and shoot stuff, things that were handy at the time. I suppose I really should get around to doing something arty but finding the time always proves difficult! I do have an iphone and I have got some Fuji cameras that I really like.

So what are my motivations for getting photos online?!

Two fold I guess. Firstly it seems pointless taking photos, with a vision in mind, for that never to be realised because they end up sitting on a computer hard drive somewhere; and secondly because my Corporate Photography work perhaps doesn’t always portray me or my skill set. I guess if this site just enforces someone’s view that perhaps I do have vision and creativity then it’s job done!

I do also have good intentions in terms of writing blog posts and sharing experiences with other photographers. I’ll do my best to get that underway.


In terms of populating this website with photos and articles, My Dad has always had a catchphrase that I kind of like… “Jez, in life you can make time to do anything you want to do!” Lets hope that proves inspirational!